Sunday, March 30, 2008

day one...?

So basically I have never had a blog before in my life. The extent of my computer technology stops at MSN messenger and copy and pasting. I guess I'll just tell you about myself then, which I'm thinking I ought to explain why "whitneysnot sweet" is my address. I'm not your typical prissy little girl who spends two hours on her hair and make up in the morning and is constantly calling her friends with the ever-original "oh my gosh! Like, guess what!" I wake up at 6:45 a.m. and can get ready for the day in twenty five minutes with time to grab a slim-fast on the way out the door. My life consists of school, the school play (which just sadly ended), being the Senior Class V.P., currently planning graduation. But that is just for now, once we kick into April and it stops snowing(!) I will get my dirt bike out of the shed and start tearin it up on the track all over again. Just thinking about it gets me so incredibly excited, I can barely stand it. And in the summer, every other day I will be up at the dam every other day on my wake board! Yeah Boy! Dirt biking and wake boarding. My two passions. I would do either of them for a career without thinking twice. I work at a little sandwich/donut shop called just a couple miles up from my house. Despite the crappy pay, I couldn't think of a more fun place to work. The occasional donut fights and bets to eat disgusting stuff keeps things interesting. Yes, since I am a girl, I have boy drama going on, but I think I will save that for another day when things are made more clear. Ha. well, I'm going to find a picture of myself to post and check out for the night! Ciao people!