Wednesday, May 26, 2010


it's funny how sitting at a desk for nine hours a day can completely EXHAUST you. i hardly move the entire day and still i feel like i need to go to bed at nine. all day long entering internet orders. ctrl+shift+f8 this and shift+f12 that. i've never used the f keys in my entire life and now that's all i do. but i do get to listen to music while i do it which is nice. speaking of music. one word.


last night was absolutely spectacular. i'm tempted to make so many puns about being gaga for gaga, but then i'm no better than the coco puffs bird who is hopped up one who knows what. but, AH-AH! i loved the entire thing. i even teared up there at the end. if you haven't seen it, download it, watch it on hulu, DO SOMETHING! it's inspiring i tell you. and i just downloaded the whole album. yay!!

Landon will be jealous.

Friday, May 21, 2010

summer schedule

first day on the job today! it was grand. i did a lot of data entry but tomorrow i will be working with the customers more. i guess i should go more into detail what i do now. i work at a food storage company called shelfreliance. it's really cool stuff and i want it all. and just f your i readers, the freeze dried strawberries and pineapple is AMAZING. also, i hear great things about their macaroons, though i wouldn't really know what to compare it to considering i have never had a macaroon in my entire life, so. i will be working from 9-6 five days a week so i will be kept pretty busy this summer, which is great because i was sort of almost dying with Landon being gone the whole day. i miss him. i will be getting a day off during the week though, so i am going to coordinate it with my father so i can go boating once a week. because i would be sad if i missed out on moments like this...
and that will be my summer schedule.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


so i've really only been an american idol fan twice in my life-right when it started and when david archuleta was competing. other than that? i don't really care much about it. but my roommate insisted we watch it on tuesday. and since Landon was in the shower i figured i didn't have much else to do. that is where i heard this performance. where chills erupted on my skin and tears brimmed in my eyes. the guy made a fan out of me.

on another, less inspiring and yet almost as awesome note, i got a job! yay! i know i've enjoyed my unemployment but it's time to start bringing in some money. or as Landon said when i told him the good news, "finally! it's about time you started pulling your weight in this relationship." love that kid. this was just after he found the brand new volcom hat i bought him and the crayon drawing of him and me holding hands with a heart in between us. pulling my weight my butt. :) and now he has a "whitney loves Landon" shrine in his room where he has taped up the poem i wrote him and the picture i drew. so now any remotely cute or sentimental thing i give him that is capable of being supported by scotch tape will now be on his wall. flattering.


Friday, May 14, 2010

leg waxing and pageants

Yesterday, i was skimming through my pictures on facebook and came across a masquerade i attended last october. i showed my new roommate (who was enjoying cottage cheese) and told her how much i loved that dress i was wearing. she satisfied me with her oohs and ahhs and i told her i had it in the closet. and with that i ran to the closet, stripped down and threw it on. we then spent the next two hours waxing her legs.
in the middle of the wax, my Landon came home. i ran over there after a few more strips and jumped on his bed in my giant dress just as he had fallen asleep. right when he opened his eyes a huge smile spread across his face when he saw what i was wearing. he gushed over my beauty and demanded that i wear the dress with him to dinner after his nap. and that i did. Landon took me to tucanos and he let me tell everyone that i was participating in the miss orem pageant and tonight was one of our final rehearsals. Landon held in a burst of laughter when each server told us one of their co-workers was in the same pageant. the entire night i was praying she wasn't there. luckily she wasn't, she was probably at the same rehearsal i was supposed to be at. it was a fantastic night, great food and the most handsome boy you could ever imagine held my hand the whole time. my life is awesome.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

two months after march 12, 2010

today is mine and Landon's "two month anniversary." poke fun if you must, everyone else is, but i feel the need to celebrate two months being with the most amazing person i have ever met. and yes, it is 3:23 in the morning. i haven't slept yet, nor do i intend to until after 6 am for that is when Landon leaves for work. i am making him a manly breakfast in bed consisting of pancakes, thick sizzling bacon (to kayleigh....BACONNNN!!!), eggs over easy, toast in the shape of hearts, fresh sliced strawberries, and chocolate milk. mmmm of course, i don't want to start making the food for about another hour, so i have been preparing for it. call me sneaky because first, i had to jack his keys and for the past hour i have been stealthily sneaking in a small table, glasses, and silverware. all into his room, where he slumbers. this is one of those moments where the smallest little vibration of a sound seems like an 8.6 earthquake. i had the hardest freaking time opening his bedroom door. damn thing squeaks like you wouldn't believe. and ofcourse i have to do it all in the dark, so while i wait for my eyes to adjust my eyes play tricks on me. it was really quite comical. i was just waiting for one of his roommates to jump out of no where and make me pee myself. i also made a playlist on my ipod of songs that remind me of him. starting with our song, "you're making my dreams come true" by hall and oates. so i snuck into his truck and hooked it up to his sound system so he can listen to my playlist on his way to work. also in my boredom, i made a poem up for him. still trying to decide where to put it... if you don't judge me, i will share it with you.

"two months after march 12, 2010"

two months of staring into your eyes and still getting lost,

of zombies and the volcom stone.

two months of stutters and butterflies and timeless tickle fights.

and guess what babe,

i love you more.

only two moths and I’m addicted to glee, addicted to ripsticks,

and to mafia wars.

you know my world was turned the moment

you asked me to be your girl.

so let’s face it, baby, it’s really you I’m addicted to.


and that is how i feel. now, i'm going to go shower and primp for my breakfast date. wish me luck with cooking the eggs over easy.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


so, i quit my job last week and i am still in the process of finding a new one. and by "in the process" i mean, i laid out in the sun for 4 hours, rip sticked for 1, and painted my nails.
unEmployment rocks. however, in my blissful nothingness, i was still missing my boy.
so what did i do to hide from the heat stroke? i watched 16 and pregnant on mtv. stupid disfunctional relationships and preggo teenage girls. is it really as bad as it looks? or do you think that maybe, mtv makes it a little more dramatic?

and then i tried to trick the people at sprint into giving me a new phone. i'll be honest. i flat out lied in so many ways, and i still left the store with the same phone. a waste of an hour and a half.

only 33 more minutes til Landon gets home.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sweaters and Nature's Poo

"Sometimes the only thing that gets me through this world is knowing that Kobe Bryant hates me just as much as I hate him."

"One day I'm going to have my own brand of peanut butter and I'm going to call it Nature's Poo."

and sometimes i think this summer is going to be really hard with that kid getting home at 7 and going to bed at 10 o'clock every night. so today, i raise my glass to the rain. the rain that rained out his construction site so he got spend the day with me. thank you, rain. and now, i'm in bed. in bed watching wizards of waverly place. in bed watching wizards of waverly place while wearing Landon's sweater he forgot to get back from me. in bed watching wizards of waverly place while wearing Landon's sweater he forgot to get back from me and enjoying the faint smell of him. love you Landon. xo.