Monday, May 25, 2009

My dirt bike. My one true love.

I am currently sitting at my desk with face wash bubbling down my face. I've been camping all weekend and now is the time to get clean. It's a little bitter sweet if you ask me. It feels so good to get clean after basically rolling around in the dirt for three straight days, but I like that. So it's sad to have to stop. One sec, I need to go rinse... Ok sorry about that.

Anyway, yes, I went camping for Memorial Day weekend with my family and friends. It is one of my most favorite things in the entire world. Just escaping the reality of the modern world for a couple days. I get to hide away in the mountains with the people who I love the most. I had to play the spoiled little girl card to get my dad to bring the bikes. I felt bad for about two seconds. But once I got on that bike I had no regrets. We didn't have that many great riding places, but we did what we could with what we had. My dad and I went for a ride today and found the most beautiful view you had ever seen. Absolutely breath-taking I tell you. As we were headed up the mountain on our dirt bikes I had a thought go through my head:

"There is nothing like the smell of the crisp, fresh mountain air and knowing that you are riding on something that is polluting it."

That is a Whitney Original. One for the quote book if you ask me. :) Watch all the environmentalists start attacking my blog. Sorry!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Nothing Like A Diet Coke Lime in the Morning

I actually don't even like Diet Coke that much, it's just that I tend to stay up late and have to get up early for work. Yes, I am at work right now. There isn't much activity here in the a.m. not even my boss is here. I find this to be the perfect time to update the ol' bloggy. Anyway, the D.C. can get me going in the morning. I just have to be sure to drink it before my boss does show up or else I will get a 20 minute lecture on the aspartame (is that what it is?) that is in it and how it will kill me.

So Monday is here, and as I am sure everyone else does, I wish it was still Saturday. I thought I would be working five hours a day, but my boss has been surprising me with 8 hour shifts. I'm not complaining...well I am, because I would rather play. But I am incredibly lucky to have this job. It's like death trying to find work down here. I guess this is one of those instances where I want my cake and eat it too. Which that saying never really made sense to me. The point of a cake is to eat it.

So last night, I was playing with my friends and we decided to walk to a park about a mile down the road. We were having so much fun, and it was one of those times when I can't wait for the next life and I get to watch it all over again on a giant movie screen. I will be rewinding and re-watching a lot from last night. Really, there are a ton of those moments in my life. ha. I might be in that movie theater for awhile. Anyways, Shelley, Jessica and I decided to all swing at the same time. I was on the bottom, Shelley went on back of me, and Jess went in front. I started swinging us and my feet could barely touch the ground. Shelley's legs were wrapped around me and she was slowly slipping backwards. We started gaining momentum and our giggles couldn't be silenced. The boys were just sitting on the slide watching us in disbelief. Soon, Shelley started losing grip. She starting yelling, "Stop us! Stop us!" So I put my legs down to slow us to a stop when to my hilariously unpleasant surprise, my feet didn't reach the ground anymore. I was laughing too hard to explain our situation, when all of the sudden Shelley couldn't hold on anymore. Off she flew and off I flew with her, with Jessica close behind. We landed with a graceful thud, wood chips flying everywhere. We couldn't move due to intense laughter while we all lay there in a big pile. hahahahahaha!!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life never hurt so good.

There are a few things in my life that bother me. For the most part, I am a pretty positive person but everyone needs a rant every now and then.

First: I HATE it when people try to impress everyone else with their grammar and say things like, "This is a picture of Robert and I." It's "ME" dang it!
Second: Posers. Nuff said.
Third: Filing FAFSA forms. I need the money but it takes years to figure out how to file. Once I get through ten pages, it asks for my pin. I can't remember my pin so I click into the "I forgot my pin" option. Just digging my grave deeper and deeper into cyberspace. It asks me where I went to elementary school and there was only one place I went to, so I enter the name over and over and over again. Wrong every time. Then, it tells me that I've tried too many times and they are cutting me out of trying to get it. And if I want a new one I have to go through and entire other application process. Once I've entered my SSN, home address, and full name yet again, it tells me that it will verify my pin in 1-3 days and that I have to wait until then to continue my FAFSA application process. I'm gonna kill the government.

On a happier note, my entire body aches with sheer happiness. I never have laughed so much in my life, than I have in this last week. All of my muscles are sore from two nights ago when my friends and I continuously hurled ourselves and mattress covered walls. Yes, that was MY brilliant idea and I proudly take credit for it. Hours of entertainment were provided, and although I have a sickening bruise on my elbow, I smile.

Even when we aren't running into walls, laughter is a constant companion with my friends and me. (notice my correct grammar usage) Last night, Chris, Adam and I (once again, correct grammar) went to ihop at 2 a.m. and were laughing to the point of crying. Now I don't just mean that tears were coming out of our eyes, we were legitimately crying because it hurt. I thought Chris was going to hurl, Adam had to lie down on the bench, and I just sobbed. Can I say it once more? I love life.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Resurrection of the Blog

ha. Well, this is embarrassing. I really had no intention of coming back to my blog. But sadly Facebook is boring me. And I just want to write. If I sound like I'm just babbling, feel free to quit reading. I won't be offended.

So good news, I survived my first year of college. This is such a surreal feeling to me because, you know...It's like, "Oh, I'm in college. I'm growing up." But now I am a 1/4 of the way through. What happens after college? Death? Ha, just kidding. The thing is I don't know what I want to be so I might have more than three more years. haha And then there is the question that I try to hide from, "Who am I going to marry?" ugh. It disturbs me, but it is inevitable. I can't have best friends forever. I do have to commit to that "one". Pretty sure I haven't met him though. Just throwin that out there.

So with it being summer and all, I've been playing the entire time. I just love living down here in Orem. Don't get me wrong, I love and miss home, but there is a freedom I have down here that I don't get anywhere else. Like the almost all-nighter I pulled with my friend Chris last night. We wanted to stay up all night and watch movies, we made it til about 4 a.m. and decided to call it quits. I could have made it, I don't think he could have though. heh, sucker. All of my friends are like my family, and I just love to meet new people. It has definitely made my life more exciting. In a way it has made it hard too. I made so many friend these past 9 months and when school ended, a lot of them moved home and I know I'm not going to see them again. Goodbyes take a particular toll on my spirits. Just one will usually get me down for a couple days, but I had to say goodbye to about 20 good friends of mine. My heart was pretty much vaporized for an entire day. Especially when Lindy moved out. Lindy was my roommate since January. She took Mandy's place (I realized now that I need to update who I am living with...) and she and I bonded like you wouldn't believe. She was so easy to tease because of her constant fake whining and hippie ways of life, but I was never sad around her. She managed to make me smile every time I saw her, sometimes it wasn't even on purpose. I don't know many people like that. She promised to come back though. I know that it wasn't goodbye forever between us. There was too much to just completely cut all ties, so that makes me feel better. I miss her though.
Awww. :) We're cute.

Can't wait to see her again!!! Life is too short to just quit a good friendship. You don't find too many more like that. I got lucky.