Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life never hurt so good.

There are a few things in my life that bother me. For the most part, I am a pretty positive person but everyone needs a rant every now and then.

First: I HATE it when people try to impress everyone else with their grammar and say things like, "This is a picture of Robert and I." It's "ME" dang it!
Second: Posers. Nuff said.
Third: Filing FAFSA forms. I need the money but it takes years to figure out how to file. Once I get through ten pages, it asks for my pin. I can't remember my pin so I click into the "I forgot my pin" option. Just digging my grave deeper and deeper into cyberspace. It asks me where I went to elementary school and there was only one place I went to, so I enter the name over and over and over again. Wrong every time. Then, it tells me that I've tried too many times and they are cutting me out of trying to get it. And if I want a new one I have to go through and entire other application process. Once I've entered my SSN, home address, and full name yet again, it tells me that it will verify my pin in 1-3 days and that I have to wait until then to continue my FAFSA application process. I'm gonna kill the government.

On a happier note, my entire body aches with sheer happiness. I never have laughed so much in my life, than I have in this last week. All of my muscles are sore from two nights ago when my friends and I continuously hurled ourselves and mattress covered walls. Yes, that was MY brilliant idea and I proudly take credit for it. Hours of entertainment were provided, and although I have a sickening bruise on my elbow, I smile.

Even when we aren't running into walls, laughter is a constant companion with my friends and me. (notice my correct grammar usage) Last night, Chris, Adam and I (once again, correct grammar) went to ihop at 2 a.m. and were laughing to the point of crying. Now I don't just mean that tears were coming out of our eyes, we were legitimately crying because it hurt. I thought Chris was going to hurl, Adam had to lie down on the bench, and I just sobbed. Can I say it once more? I love life.


Spencer said...

It's it nice how cyber space connects us all! ha ha I liked your post, we need more laugher in this world, and I don't think people understand how necessary it is in life. Also about grammar. Thats the beautiful thing about english, you can pretty much talk how ever you want because there are always exceptions to the rules. I think those who follow grammar rules do it because they don't know how to really express themselves! :) ha

Whitney Leigh said...

I agree with the grammar and the laughter. I have enough laughter to go around if anyone needs to borrow some.

Also, an English teacher once told me we only have 3 exclamation marks that we get to use in our life. I think that is a sad life. !!!!