Monday, May 18, 2009

Nothing Like A Diet Coke Lime in the Morning

I actually don't even like Diet Coke that much, it's just that I tend to stay up late and have to get up early for work. Yes, I am at work right now. There isn't much activity here in the a.m. not even my boss is here. I find this to be the perfect time to update the ol' bloggy. Anyway, the D.C. can get me going in the morning. I just have to be sure to drink it before my boss does show up or else I will get a 20 minute lecture on the aspartame (is that what it is?) that is in it and how it will kill me.

So Monday is here, and as I am sure everyone else does, I wish it was still Saturday. I thought I would be working five hours a day, but my boss has been surprising me with 8 hour shifts. I'm not complaining...well I am, because I would rather play. But I am incredibly lucky to have this job. It's like death trying to find work down here. I guess this is one of those instances where I want my cake and eat it too. Which that saying never really made sense to me. The point of a cake is to eat it.

So last night, I was playing with my friends and we decided to walk to a park about a mile down the road. We were having so much fun, and it was one of those times when I can't wait for the next life and I get to watch it all over again on a giant movie screen. I will be rewinding and re-watching a lot from last night. Really, there are a ton of those moments in my life. ha. I might be in that movie theater for awhile. Anyways, Shelley, Jessica and I decided to all swing at the same time. I was on the bottom, Shelley went on back of me, and Jess went in front. I started swinging us and my feet could barely touch the ground. Shelley's legs were wrapped around me and she was slowly slipping backwards. We started gaining momentum and our giggles couldn't be silenced. The boys were just sitting on the slide watching us in disbelief. Soon, Shelley started losing grip. She starting yelling, "Stop us! Stop us!" So I put my legs down to slow us to a stop when to my hilariously unpleasant surprise, my feet didn't reach the ground anymore. I was laughing too hard to explain our situation, when all of the sudden Shelley couldn't hold on anymore. Off she flew and off I flew with her, with Jessica close behind. We landed with a graceful thud, wood chips flying everywhere. We couldn't move due to intense laughter while we all lay there in a big pile. hahahahahaha!!



Allen & Stefanie Bell said...

haha.. oh Whitney how I love you. Diet Coke, well at least your not pregnant and getting the lecture. I could not even drink my diet coke.. I had to watch as it slowly went down the drain, I was oh so sad.

Whitney Leigh said...

hahah that is sooo sad! I felt bad for you. But I am sure Paisly will thank you for it one day. If not, you can use it as a guilt trip for her. ha