Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finals are over!!! OOH-OOOH!

Oh the weather outside is frightful, and my fingers are so cold I think its rightful...actually, it's not. It hurts they're so cold. I went shopping with my roomies today and I drove us to the mall. But before we could leave we had to give Joanna [my car] some serious TLC. Poor girl was covered in about three or four inches of snow and under all that, she was completely iced over. So we had our kitchen broom, and some really crappy ice scrapers to take care of business. I think I got freezer burn on my fingers. haha

Last night, I went hot tubbing with a couple of friends and I wanted to go get some snow from outside and bring it in the hot tub, so my friend "J" or "Kevin" (not sure which one he wants to be called...) came out to get some with me. Now this snow was not the good packing snow that you love for snow ball fights, this was like the snow you see in movies that looks fake. So I couldn't exactly grab a ton, without really thinking, I swiped my hand in the snow at J/Kevin and snow went all over his face and chest. I laughed and thought I was pretty hilarious, and then he ran to tackle me. Now I don't like to fall hard in snow with just a swimming suit on, so in the process of him tackling me, I just sorta knelt down and let him wipe snow all over me. But, I still ended up with battle wounds. In fact, it looks like a raccoon chewed on my feet. It was funny though. And then after the pool, we went and played pool. J/Kevin was winning until I table scratched resulting in Kenny getting a ball back on the table after he was out, and the game ended with Kenneth being the winner. J/Kevin blames me.

So, Christmas shopping. Basically, it sucks. Like I said, I just got back from shopping and I did not enjoy it. Except for the delightful lunch Sheesee treated us too. That was nice, but I hate shopping. GRRR. But in the midst of my unhappy shopping trip, I experienced something so joyous, it brought a glistening tear to my eye. There was a show choir performing at the mall. They were in middle school it looked like...They started to perform and it made me think of the show choir I used to perform in. (I won't go into much detail, or it could ruin your whole Christmas season.) But they had some dance moves just like we used to do, but they weren't so cheerleader about it. In fact, it was quite entertaining. I walked around back and to my most glorious surprise, the two girls on the back row were trying to make each other fall down. Now when I was in the choir, my friend and I did the exact same thing. We actually ended up with bruises all up and down our arms. So to see these girls fighting made me think that there still in a chance for children these days. They won't grow up corrupted and worried about their self image. Go them.

p.s. finals are over. :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008


If I didn't seriously want a good education, finals week would seriously be enough for me to say, "forget this crap. I quit." Every single one of my classes is comprehensive. Why must teachers do this to us?

I just finished taking notes on my math notes, so I can go study the notes of my notes, and I still have to study my English notes. I've spent the whole weekend on my math class and I'm still going to fail it. grrr... and then I found out this class was designed so that 50% of the students would fail. I hate my professor. That is the first and last time I get teachers without checking them out on Rate My Professor. Stupid Turnquist. >:| Oh well, once Wednesday has come and past, I will be so relieved.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Ksshhhh This is Whitney, over. ksshh. I would like to inform you all that it is Friday... kssshh. I am so happy that this week is over, I'm on the verge of tears. ksshh Don't really feel like posting much. ksshh. I'll have to do it when I'm up to it. ksshh. I'd like to make a shout out to all my fans. kssh. I love you guys! ksshh. Over and out. kssh

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I have a surge of rage running through my blood stream right now. I don't know why... Well, I know why, but I prefer not to post in on my blog because I have a paranoia of people stumbling across my blog on accident and realizing I am talking about them. But I am angry. Steam is coming out of my ears. grrrrrr....GRRRRRR!!!!

On a more positive note, I love my roommates. Oh how I love them. At my work I swear all I hear from people is how many problems they have with their roommates and they want to move or they want that person kicked out. But not me. My rommies rock at life and oh how I love them.

Boy, do I sound bi-polar or what?

Monday, December 1, 2008

The first step to recovery is admitting I have a problem

Listen Kayleigh, I will update my blog as often as I dang well feel like it. :) Just kidding, I really do need to stay up to date with things. Really, I'm dying because you haven't updated yours for what seems like forever.

Anyways.... Thanksgiving break is over and we're back into school for twelve more day. ONLY TWELVE! I am really quite afraid of finals that are coming up. I have to study a chapter of math everyday if I want to be ready. :( Why me? Really, I shouldn't even be on the internet right now, I have some studying to do for my ancient legacies class. I'm teaching about King Lear today and quite frankly, I don't know squat about the book/play/man. Don't worry though, I think every thing will be ok.

So, it is December 1st correct? Then why the crap does it look like Arizona???
There is no snow or anything...Really, I'm not much of a fan of snow. I prefer the Arizona weather (not that extreme) but it is Christmas time and with such should be at least a snow flurry. I'm not asking for a blizzard or anything, I would just like to see snowflakes that I didn't make out of old faxes from the office.

You know what is weird? I am glancing around at all the other computers in this library and about 65% of them are on facebook! I laugh at how addicted this world is to facebook and myspace and what not...and then I laugh even harder because the other window that is open on my computer is in fact facebook. Yes world, I Whitney, am addicted to facebook.