Sunday, December 14, 2008


If I didn't seriously want a good education, finals week would seriously be enough for me to say, "forget this crap. I quit." Every single one of my classes is comprehensive. Why must teachers do this to us?

I just finished taking notes on my math notes, so I can go study the notes of my notes, and I still have to study my English notes. I've spent the whole weekend on my math class and I'm still going to fail it. grrr... and then I found out this class was designed so that 50% of the students would fail. I hate my professor. That is the first and last time I get teachers without checking them out on Rate My Professor. Stupid Turnquist. >:| Oh well, once Wednesday has come and past, I will be so relieved.


Jeff and Sarah said...

Whit, I just read your comment on Kayleigh's blog. I wrote a reply to you. Basically said a couple of things regarding your finals. 1. If you have done ALL that you can to study and work for the finals then you can ask no more of yourself so relax. 2. There are worse things in life than failing a final!!

Kayleigh said...

I'm just glad you didn't quit out on studying for that class. I'm proud of you for sticking it out. You never know how things are going to turn out. Sometimes by putting your best effort into it is how things work out.

Whitney Leigh said...

D'aw, thanks guys. What would I do without my support group? (probably get my brains gnawed out by ostriches...see kayleigh's blog)