Friday, November 21, 2008

I have priority...*shifty eyes*

So, I am in the library right now. This place is where I feel inspired to update my blog, and my iPod is playing the Titanic soundtrack, so really, I am feeling so...inspired...I know I shouldn't use the same word in a sentence twice, but I was thesaurusly retarded back there. Bear with me. Anyways, I couldn't find any unoccupied computers at the front of the library, so I walked casually towards the back, I have never been back here before and let me tell you, this key board is BLOWING MY MIND!!!! It's all flat and technological...I am amazed by this world sometimes. But when I came up to this computer, there is a sign posted right on top that says, "MULTIMEDIA PROJECTS HAVE PRIORITY" and I looked around, not suspiciously at all, I was clearly thrown off by this command from the computer. The guy who is on the other side of this table totally knew that I didn't have a project, and that I was trying to go unnoticed. phhff. No one was here and really, if they need the computer that bad, I will give it to them. I am such a nice person.

Tonight is the Black and White Ball that the Honor's Program is putting on. I am going and I am wearing a bright lime green dress despite the clear invitation to wear black and white. I guess it will be like in the movies when that one girl stands out, ya know? I guess that one girl will be me. But really, I don't think I'll be the only one not in the standard colors. I bet others will want to poke out like a sore thumb too. That was not my intentions, I just don't have a black or white dress and quite frankly, I don't want to buy one, since I just barely bought a sweat shirt and sweat pants that say UVU on them. School parifanilia is ridiculously over priced if you ask me. Seriously though? Why do they have to be $40 for a hoodie? I can go to Wally World and get one for $20. Like I said, this world amazes me sometimes.

I promised in my last post that I would talk about the Catcher in the Rye. It is single handedly one of THE best books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Despite the constant swearing, as much as profanity may seem funny or inappropriate, I think this book needed it. It portrays the character being stuck in between a child and an adult, he doesn't know where he belongs, so I think the swearing is a way to try to make himself seem older. I don't really know how to explain the book without giving the fun stuff away, but I could relate to the character so well, and I don't even know why. I'm not a 17 year old boy who flunks out of a boarding school. But, one of my favorite things is he would always say, "it killed me!" and I always say that. (In funny situations, and every time he said it, it killed me.) I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

p.s. Forget BYU or U of U...GO WOLVERINES!

Monday, November 17, 2008

This Weekend Was Run By Boys.

This last weekend was gold. Pure gold. So much fun, wouldn't you agree Kayleigh? :) OH MY GOSH! I am sitting in the library and I just saw this kid for the second time today and he looks exactly like this boy I went to high school with. It is uncanny, it freaks me out a little bit when I see people and think I know them and it turns out it is not them. Shatters my universe really. Anyways, back to this weekend. Friday night, Kayleigh and I headed up to Magna, I won't go into intense detail, if you really want to know about it go to and you will get the full run down of it. I look back and laugh about it now, but in the process of getting there I was ready to rip somebody's head off. And since Kay was the only person around, I'm quite surprised she is still alive. The night was fun, we had the best pizza ever! We made it ourselves, dough and all and it had two layers of cheese and pepperoni. I guarantee it had 1,000 calories in just one slice. After dinner, we watched Anchorman and now I can legitimately quote that movie without feeling slightly lost. Once the movie was over, we went into my cousin's roommates room and took pictures with his camera. Cool ones too, we made the shutter stay open for a long time and drew picture with a flashlight. They are fantastic.

Saturday, My good friend Curt came down to Orem to hang out. It was quite short notice and I was pretty stressed out when he told me he was coming down because first of all, I didn't know what the crap we were going to do and second of all, I kind of like the guy. I called my roommate freaking out and she just laughed at me and told me it was all going to be ok. And it was fun. We made another pizza (not as good as the one the night before though, shhh) and then we watched Red Eye, only after searching for the movie Disturbia for about and hour. I can't believe nobody had it! After the movie was over, Kayleigh came over and we hit the pool and got our trash kicked in pool basketball. I probably shouldn't have talked myself up as much as I did, it made the loss that much more embarrassing. Although, I found intense joy in Kayleigh hitting Curt repeatedly with the basketball saying, "bad dog, bad dog!"

Sunday, I went to church and hung out with a couple guys during tithing settlement. One I was acquainted with already and sort of have a small crush on. big suprise. The other one, I knew of him and had talked to him a couple times when he came into the office. I was laughing with them for a quite awhile. Once that was over, we went back to the apartment, and I had a lot of reading to do because I had to read the entire book "The Catcher in the Rye" by today. So about an hour into reading the boy I was chillin with during tithing settlement shows up at my door. Jenessa pretended to be asleep and Nancy was doing homework so I was the main entertainer. We had a lot of fun for a long time. Jenessa finally got up and we were playing Nintendo 64 and making cookies and watching America's Funniest Videos and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The next thing I knew it was 8:00 p.m. and I hadn't gotten ANY reading done. He realized the same time I did and laughed as he said, "Wow, that five hours went by really fast." He decided he didn't want to wear out his welcome and bid us farewell. I stayed up past midnight reading that book and I still didn't finish it. But I read the last of it right before English today. I won't talk about the book in this post because it is really long anyways, but I will in the next one because that book changed my life. It really did. :)

Friday, November 14, 2008


F to the R to the I to the D-A-Y!!!! Frie-day, Frai-day, Fruh-HI-day!!! BA BA BUH BUH DA DA DA! I find joy in Fridays. I do. And if you don't, well then, you are not normal. Kayleigh and I are headed up to Magna which I found out the other day is B.F.E. (butt freakin Egypt) and we will have a grand time finding it I am sure. We are going to make a home-made pizza (dough and all) and watch The Office. Only our most favorite show in the world. Yes, even better than ever-so-wonderful Beauty and the Beast. (Kayleigh, you need to watch that with me.) I watched The Office last night, [SPOILER ALERT!!!] and I screamed when Pam came back for Jim. I thought she was lying when she failed her class. I thought she was going to stay because of that jerk-odd who told her if she was serious about art, then she would stay in New York and I was so angry with her. But no, the girl came back. yay. :) I wanted to cry for Michael too. He misses Holly oh so much. If they wrote her out of the story, I'm going to the writers myself and doing some personal shanking. [SPOILER ALERT OVER!!!]

After The Office, Mandy, Nancy and I went down to the hot tub for our daily annual hot tubbing. There were three guys in the hot tub, none of which tried to make any conversation with Mandy or me while Nancy was goofing off in the pool. Two of the guys left after about five or six minutes and after they exited the doors, Mandy and I laughed about how awkward it was for us and the remaining guy was like, "well, did you attempt to make conversation with them?" and we looked at each other and were like, "well, no, but still..." and he continued to explain to us that perhaps they were too nervous to talk to us. The guy was a little strange. Throughout the rest of our stay in the hot tub, we proceeded to make small talk with this dude just so it wouldn't be weird like it was with the last two doorknobs. When we decided to leave, we recited the common "it was nice meeting you, yadda yadda yadda..." and he looks at me and says, "what is your name?" I told him it was Whitney and he said something to me which sounded like "Whitney, thank you for attempting conversation with me." and I smiled and said, "No, thank YOU. You are a very nice boy." I didn't really know what else to say to that comment. My roommates and I walked outside and both of them started grumbling -some of which was intense profanity haha- and Nancy was like, "That was so rude! Could he have made that more awkward?!" Confusion hit me like a brick wall! What the crap had I missed? Apparently what this guy had said to me before I left was "Whitney, thank you for dressing appropriately." Yes, I was wearing a modest tankini, but my roommates bikini's were tasteful and really as modest as you could make a bikini. What a self-righteous jerk! Geez, go back to BYU. We desperately wanted to go back and moon him. We'll show him appropriate! And then we laughed when we realized how confused I must have left him with my response to his "compliment." "No, thank you. You're a very nice boy." BAHAHA!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Clocks Cheesy Children and Really Bad Acting

This morning, I woke up feeling good which was fantastic compared to the last two days I can't believe I even woke up I felt so crappy. A lot has happened in the last week, some happy, some sad. But when it all comes down to it. It will all be happy in the end. (Sorry if this is grossing you out Kayleigh, I know you don't like happy people ;D) But I figure with all the negativity in this world, all there is to keep from crumbling to depression is the blissful moments in every day life.

For example, Tuesday night on our way home from Brant's setting apart, I was horizontal in my car ready to give up on life and Kayleigh was driving my car. She asked me what time it was, so I looked at my phone and it was 11:11 and she got really excited and asked me what day it was, and I was like "It's 11/11!" and then we looked at my stereo and song #11 was playing! Oh they joy that brought me! 11:11 11/11 #11. That has to be some kind of sign. When Kayleigh and I are both dead, you can assume it was because of that. haha

Happy moment #2 in my hour of death: The David Archuleta CD came out today. It is magnificent!!!

Happy moment #3 in my hour of death: Last night my roommates and I decided to watch Beauty and the Beast A Latter Day Tale. And by "roommates and I" I mean I forced them to watch because I find joy in those cheesy shows. And this was the epitome of cheesy. In fact, this was cheesy giving birth to a million cheesy children all of which are lactose intolerant but they keep eating cheese so it makes them throw up cheese. Ridiculous I tell you. But towards the middle, Mandy and I started getting really into the show, we wanted Belle to kiss Eric, but "Creeper" and/or Craig kept getting in the way. Gr!! and then Nancy came in the room and wanted to know what the crap we were watching as she informed us that she could hear the bad acting from her room. (It was true.) and I kept getting mad at her because I couldn't hear the t.v. Poor Nancy, I was sort of rude and told her she was obnoxious, but she didn't take it hard and she showed it by "Quasimodo fighting" with me. Don't ask. All in all, that movie is a must see to those looking for a good laugh, just make sure you are with the right people or it won't have the same effect.

Anyways, I am about to go research a recipe for crepes so Mandy and I can bond and make some together.

Monday, November 10, 2008

And the people cry, we shall look for him in the clouds indeed

It is raining right now. It was a pleasant/unpleasant surprise for me when I walked out of my apartment. On the one hand, I love the rain, and the other, my hair does not. I know, I know, what a pansy, she is so worried about her hair right? Well, go ahead and criticize, I don't care, I bet I can beat you up. Muahah!
Anyways, I am so happy right now, it is a strange happy though. One of my best friends, Brant, is going on his mission on Wednesday and I am so proud of him. It hurts to say goodbye for two years, but the reunion will be beyond joy. I had a dream that my brother came home last night. I was the strangest thing, the location I was at was a combination between my current job and my previous one. My dad and sister were there and all of the sudden I heard Brenden's voice in the other room. I was confused why he was home so early (he doesn't come home for nine more months) but I was so happy to see him. So even though I'll be near suicidal when Brant leaves, I know that I will be on a happiness high when he returns.
Another reason for being happy, I had some good luck with boys this weekend. And by that I don't mean "getting lucky." I won't elaborate on it much, especially because Kayleigh is the only one who reads my blog and she already knows about it all. That's right Kayleigh, I am making a shout out to you. :)
Another joy in my life, the sky and the mountains. Something about them lately has caught my attention incredibly so. Even now, I am staring out the window of the library and wondering what makes the clouds they way are. Sure, there are the scientific explanations, but science can only take me so far. (Really, it doesn't take me far at all...) But every cloud has a different personality and essence to it. It's like a person, there is a scientific way of making one, but every single person in the world is different, but we aren't just objects. We are alive and I think it is the same way with the clouds. I wonder what I would look like as a cloud... I think I would definitely be the one at sunset.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm Living

Another Monday. I am currently doing absolutely nothing, I figured I would update the post. So today, I walked out my apartment and to my surprise, I saw snow capping the mountains. It was beautiful. I continued to look around and I was surrounded by orange and yellow and very faded green leaves. I stopped and breathed in. It smelled delicious. I'm sure if seasons were a food, Autumn would be the delicacy/main course/dessert/my FAVORITE. I walked around campus and with every step I took, I kicked leaves. I was surrounded by millions of leaves on the ground. Again, I inhaled deeply. It was magnificent. I'm sure I looked like a blood hound who is trying to track some animal. If I didn't have class earlier, I would have just stayed there and breathed. According to Kayleigh, I am in the middle of an existential crisis. I am figuring out that I am alive. I exist. It's an amazing thing to discover, really. And then I look around and see students and teachers hurrying to their next classes. Staring at the floor, avoiding eye contact because heaven forbid, they have to waste 2 seconds to say "Hi, how are you?" Its all about time. We don't have time to do what we need to do, and we barely have enough time to cram all of our crap into one day. Less risks are taken. What is life without risks? I will tell you what it is, POINTLESS. A very wise man (my English professor) once said, "A sitting duck will die. The question is 'did someone else kill them? Or did they kill themselves?'" So good people of Cyberspace, I am asking you to do one thing. Just stop and breathe. Move your fingers and toes. Feel your existence and quit living in such a robotronic way. Don't be the sitting duck that commits suicide. You are better than that. You are a miracle.