Saturday, July 24, 2010


i'm listening to pandora right now, and this song came on. i found it very fitting.
it's absolutely lovely.

I like you, haiku

first of all i would like to start out saying the in-n-out has about the best customer service i have ever recieved.
so props to in-n-out.
it's been decided that whenever we have a crappy day at work (my friend kim and i) we are going to go to in-n-out for lunch because the employees always make us feel better about ourselves.

so lately, not a lot of excitment has pertruded my life. it's like, i'm stuck in a rut of cliches that's turning more into
i want to just disappear for a day or two and write. i've got a couple epic poems i need to write. and because of this reason, i cannot wait for school to start so i can start taking my poetry class. i love poetry.
i shared a haiku i wrote back in january with some of my co-workers because they were dissing the haiku. how dare they. i turned around in my chair, legs crossed, arms resting lazily on my chair and said:

"mismatched pajamas,
blonde hair in a messy braid.
brushing her white teeth,
blood leaks from and open cut.
oncoming gingivitus."

and i turned my chair back around and got back to work. i needn't defend the name of haikus after that.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

back to work.

this last week, i turned twenty.
i spent my birthday with some of the most important people in my life, at one of my most favorite places on earth.
boating for 4 days does the soul good. even better when you're with people like detro, cam, brenden and Landon. excitement and fun are serious understatments. especially when being confronted by strange boys while naked. you really want to know the story behind that now don't you?
this last week, my sound track has been ke$ha. who knew... it just flows so well with the waves and the beat of the boat. plus, i like Landon's beard too.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

cheyenne: 420 miles

went to wyoming today with kayleigh. most random
yet a delightful journey. we drove for
two hours
and were there for about
35 minutes.
we got pictures with dinosaurs and
rest stops are not merely for
but are for using the
oh-so-sketchy bathrooms.
and guess what,
it's customary to honk your horn
when crossing the
state border.

then Landon bought me a new thor shirt.
i love him.

Friday, July 2, 2010

let the records show

just in case an asteroid hits the earth tomorrow:

i love Landon.
i love my older brother.
i love my mom and dad.
i love my little sister.
i love learning.
i love loving.
i love.....

also, robert pattinson isn't that bad of an actor. in fact,

i really loved him in "remember me."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

i owe it all to the brittish guy who narrates the harry potter books.

sometimes. bad days happen.
days where you wish, "man, if tomorrow is going to be like this, i'd rather not be there."
days where crying is the only logical thing that will happen to you.
where great plans fall through and all your hard work
days where your pillow and blankets are your only comfort.
days where the only person who can make you smile,
days where you're out of gas
and out of tampons.
days where

that was my day yesterday.
i tried to skip today, and if it was up to me this morning, i would have skipped tomorrow too.
but alas,
today happened.
and guess what,
it wasn't
that bad.

thanks j.k. rowling.