Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sister to sister we will always be, A couple of nuts off the family tree.

I have THE coolest sister in the world. She's my sexy little senorita. This girl just cracks me up every time she speaks. how lucky am I to have my own personal comedian? Plus, she's HOT! She makes me look good when I'm with her. I'm like, "Yeah, I've got hot genes. Just look at my sister." So she's got looks, she's got personality- what else could you want in a sister?


I FINALLY found the pictures from the 24th of July two years ago! And seriously? I've been looking for them since the 24th. A dude was taking pictures of 100 people holding sparklers.
That- was a fun night.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


this band is quite a miracle. they're so beautiful. and let's be honest. this song is for every girl who finally found a guy who's perfect for her. (i did)

yesterday, i was feeling some stress. house hunting is getting to me, job hunting-hasn't even really started yet and it's already getting to me and Landon is moving home next week and that's making me sad.... so yeah, i was just a little down in the dumps.

Landon and i got in the car to go to institute; neither of us super enthusiastic to go. and we get to the church and no one is there. Landon had mentioned thinking it was over for the semester, but i'm glad we checked. you know, made the effort to go instead of just assuming it was done and missing it.

so we get back to the car, and by this point Landon recognizes my gloominess and says, "you're in a bad mood, i'm in a bad mood. i know what we're going to do tonight. let's go get your swimming suit." the dear had every intention to take me to flowrider. only my favorite thing ever right now. instantly i was happy. i told him no because i'm going today so i didn't want him to spend the money, but he knew exactly what would cheer me up. it didn't cure my stress, but it definitely eased it, making me realize once again, that i have absolutely the most incredible man in my life. and guess what! i'm marrying him. aren't i the lucky girl? "author of the moment," thanks for making me happy.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

numb. wish i was.

so this song is just lovely. and i may have stolen it from a friend's blog.
i'm currently sitting in my breakfast nook, there are dried cinnamon rolls to my right and blind-sliced sunlight leaking in to my left. it's really quiet here too. no one is home. we've all had very different schedules lately. i should be able to relax right now, but with everything that is going on right now, i simply can't. songs like that one easy the constant strain in my shoulders, but it never really goes away. maybe i need a, a professional one. yeah. like i can afford that right now. oh well. two months and five days til i'm mrs. street. hopefully by then my shoulders will have just fallen off and i can't feel anything.

Monday, April 18, 2011

a few clarifications...

Landon is my NUMBER ONE guilty pleasure. although it isn't really guilty...he just pleases me all the way around. what a stud.

get this, he read my post about how i love big macs, and he took me out that night to buy me one. and then he called me today from work to tell me there is a deal going on today that if you buy one big mac, you get another one for just a penny!! haha i said, "Landon, what am i going to do with 2 big macs?"

but the fact that he called to tell me because he knows how much i love them is great. he's a dear.

i want to send a shout out to one of my other besties: Andy Gibson! happy birthday bud! i know you don't even know i have a blog, but maybe you will one day. and if that day comes, you'll see that i wished you happy birthday while you were down there in argentina. love you!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top Ten

in the spirit of blogging, i have made a "Top Ten Guilty Pleasures" list. but in my handicap-ness i couldn't get them in the order that i preferred. so i will be numbering them. enjoy!

#8 Big mac meals. They don't happen very often, but oh do i love it when they do.

#1 my pooch!! tukae is THE best dog to ever grace this earth.

#7 Great white sharks. i plan my life around shark week.

#4 who doesn't love kissing. i mean, come on.

#9 Red fingernails! any chance i get, i turn on friends and paint my fingernails rojo

#5 i LOVE Grey's. there is no more to be said.

#6 sweat pants with elastic on the ankles. i usually end up in these babies everyday by 5.

#3 Pineview reservoir...

#2 and all that it entails (this is more of an obsession/phobia rather than a guilty pleasure)

#10 Photoshop!! I love to make myself look pretty in pictures and mess with my eye color! I could do it for hours!

yay! new design!!

ok, so i've been working on the new (somewhat) layout of my blog. hardly anything has changed and yet, it's taken me an hour and a half to make it this way. AND i can't figure out how to change the font color because the layout tab is gone. so it makes the title of my blog hard to read. if any of y'all have suggestions of what to can share.

where the earth can be painted.

and then suddenly i was in love with tulip fields...

can you imagine the smell?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

magical shoes.

Landon bought me new shoes. they're globes. i'm so excited about them. sooo comfy. i love them. my pal Kaesi blogged about her new shoes the other day and i was like, "man. i need new shoes."

so at the mall yesterday, i wore my favorite yellow shoes. you can tell they are my favorite because they are so overly worn. there was something sharp poking my foot in my right shoe so i took it off and i was trying to feel what it was when my finger went right through the sole. bad, huh? actually, the last time i wore them, Landon's mom was so horrified with them, she bought me some new shoes. so i wear my yellow shoes last night for the first time in a couple months (i missed them) and Landon ended up buying me these delightful new ones. so now i have decided never to get rid of my yellow shoes because everytime i wear them, someone buys me a new pair. they're magical.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

midnight rain

i love rain at night.
i love the light pollution that reflects on the thick storm clouds.
you know, that reddish glow that almost seems to have
a certain smell with it?
i love the sound of the rain drops hitting my window,
it's a quiet sound, and the fact that i can hear it
means everything else in my apartment is


i can hear trains in the distance.
in my old apartment, i was right next to the train tracks.
every time a train came by our apartment would shiver.
i remember one night,
it was the worst storm i had ever seen in orem.
the thunder was shaking our apartment because
it was right above our heads.
and a train came by.
the train's horn seemed as though it was competing with the thunder.
and the lightning lit it all.
i sat in my night gown
on the steps outside.
i let the rain and wind tangle my hair.
i miss that night.
i love rain at night.