Thursday, April 7, 2011

midnight rain

i love rain at night.
i love the light pollution that reflects on the thick storm clouds.
you know, that reddish glow that almost seems to have
a certain smell with it?
i love the sound of the rain drops hitting my window,
it's a quiet sound, and the fact that i can hear it
means everything else in my apartment is


i can hear trains in the distance.
in my old apartment, i was right next to the train tracks.
every time a train came by our apartment would shiver.
i remember one night,
it was the worst storm i had ever seen in orem.
the thunder was shaking our apartment because
it was right above our heads.
and a train came by.
the train's horn seemed as though it was competing with the thunder.
and the lightning lit it all.
i sat in my night gown
on the steps outside.
i let the rain and wind tangle my hair.
i miss that night.
i love rain at night.

1 comment:

Kayleigh said...

can i tell you how beautiful this is? because i love midnight rain. remind me to call you and tell you why.