Monday, April 18, 2011

a few clarifications...

Landon is my NUMBER ONE guilty pleasure. although it isn't really guilty...he just pleases me all the way around. what a stud.

get this, he read my post about how i love big macs, and he took me out that night to buy me one. and then he called me today from work to tell me there is a deal going on today that if you buy one big mac, you get another one for just a penny!! haha i said, "Landon, what am i going to do with 2 big macs?"

but the fact that he called to tell me because he knows how much i love them is great. he's a dear.

i want to send a shout out to one of my other besties: Andy Gibson! happy birthday bud! i know you don't even know i have a blog, but maybe you will one day. and if that day comes, you'll see that i wished you happy birthday while you were down there in argentina. love you!!

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