Tuesday, April 19, 2011

numb. wish i was.

so this song is just lovely. and i may have stolen it from a friend's blog.
i'm currently sitting in my breakfast nook, there are dried cinnamon rolls to my right and blind-sliced sunlight leaking in to my left. it's really quiet here too. no one is home. we've all had very different schedules lately. i should be able to relax right now, but with everything that is going on right now, i simply can't. songs like that one easy the constant strain in my shoulders, but it never really goes away. maybe i need a massage...like, a professional one. yeah. like i can afford that right now. oh well. two months and five days til i'm mrs. street. hopefully by then my shoulders will have just fallen off and i can't feel anything.


Brady and McCall said...

Love that song! Sorry you are feelin so uptight girl, you have alot going on. Hope you are doing ok.

Whitney Leigh said...

yeah i'm doing good. haha great song though right?