Wednesday, April 13, 2011

magical shoes.

Landon bought me new shoes. they're globes. i'm so excited about them. sooo comfy. i love them. my pal Kaesi blogged about her new shoes the other day and i was like, "man. i need new shoes."

so at the mall yesterday, i wore my favorite yellow shoes. you can tell they are my favorite because they are so overly worn. there was something sharp poking my foot in my right shoe so i took it off and i was trying to feel what it was when my finger went right through the sole. bad, huh? actually, the last time i wore them, Landon's mom was so horrified with them, she bought me some new shoes. so i wear my yellow shoes last night for the first time in a couple months (i missed them) and Landon ended up buying me these delightful new ones. so now i have decided never to get rid of my yellow shoes because everytime i wear them, someone buys me a new pair. they're magical.


Brady and McCall said...

yeah dont let go of those yellow ones!!! That's awesome, i need some of those. Cute new shoes

Whitney Leigh said...

haha right?! i think every girl needs a pair of magic shoes. they're great. and thank you! i like em.