Wednesday, April 20, 2011


this band is quite a miracle. they're so beautiful. and let's be honest. this song is for every girl who finally found a guy who's perfect for her. (i did)

yesterday, i was feeling some stress. house hunting is getting to me, job hunting-hasn't even really started yet and it's already getting to me and Landon is moving home next week and that's making me sad.... so yeah, i was just a little down in the dumps.

Landon and i got in the car to go to institute; neither of us super enthusiastic to go. and we get to the church and no one is there. Landon had mentioned thinking it was over for the semester, but i'm glad we checked. you know, made the effort to go instead of just assuming it was done and missing it.

so we get back to the car, and by this point Landon recognizes my gloominess and says, "you're in a bad mood, i'm in a bad mood. i know what we're going to do tonight. let's go get your swimming suit." the dear had every intention to take me to flowrider. only my favorite thing ever right now. instantly i was happy. i told him no because i'm going today so i didn't want him to spend the money, but he knew exactly what would cheer me up. it didn't cure my stress, but it definitely eased it, making me realize once again, that i have absolutely the most incredible man in my life. and guess what! i'm marrying him. aren't i the lucky girl? "author of the moment," thanks for making me happy.



Kayleigh said...

that song is actually stuck in my head right now.

Kayleigh said...

unuoie: a french form of unhappiness.

kaes. said...

i found happily ever after by he is we like a montha ago when it was free on itunes. ive been obsessed ever since! good choice in musica lady :)