Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top Ten

in the spirit of blogging, i have made a "Top Ten Guilty Pleasures" list. but in my handicap-ness i couldn't get them in the order that i preferred. so i will be numbering them. enjoy!

#8 Big mac meals. They don't happen very often, but oh do i love it when they do.

#1 my pooch!! tukae is THE best dog to ever grace this earth.

#7 Great white sharks. i plan my life around shark week.

#4 who doesn't love kissing. i mean, come on.

#9 Red fingernails! any chance i get, i turn on friends and paint my fingernails rojo

#5 i LOVE Grey's. there is no more to be said.

#6 sweat pants with elastic on the ankles. i usually end up in these babies everyday by 5.

#3 Pineview reservoir...

#2 and all that it entails (this is more of an obsession/phobia rather than a guilty pleasure)

#10 Photoshop!! I love to make myself look pretty in pictures and mess with my eye color! I could do it for hours!

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