Saturday, July 24, 2010

I like you, haiku

first of all i would like to start out saying the in-n-out has about the best customer service i have ever recieved.
so props to in-n-out.
it's been decided that whenever we have a crappy day at work (my friend kim and i) we are going to go to in-n-out for lunch because the employees always make us feel better about ourselves.

so lately, not a lot of excitment has pertruded my life. it's like, i'm stuck in a rut of cliches that's turning more into
i want to just disappear for a day or two and write. i've got a couple epic poems i need to write. and because of this reason, i cannot wait for school to start so i can start taking my poetry class. i love poetry.
i shared a haiku i wrote back in january with some of my co-workers because they were dissing the haiku. how dare they. i turned around in my chair, legs crossed, arms resting lazily on my chair and said:

"mismatched pajamas,
blonde hair in a messy braid.
brushing her white teeth,
blood leaks from and open cut.
oncoming gingivitus."

and i turned my chair back around and got back to work. i needn't defend the name of haikus after that.

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