Monday, December 1, 2008

The first step to recovery is admitting I have a problem

Listen Kayleigh, I will update my blog as often as I dang well feel like it. :) Just kidding, I really do need to stay up to date with things. Really, I'm dying because you haven't updated yours for what seems like forever.

Anyways.... Thanksgiving break is over and we're back into school for twelve more day. ONLY TWELVE! I am really quite afraid of finals that are coming up. I have to study a chapter of math everyday if I want to be ready. :( Why me? Really, I shouldn't even be on the internet right now, I have some studying to do for my ancient legacies class. I'm teaching about King Lear today and quite frankly, I don't know squat about the book/play/man. Don't worry though, I think every thing will be ok.

So, it is December 1st correct? Then why the crap does it look like Arizona???
There is no snow or anything...Really, I'm not much of a fan of snow. I prefer the Arizona weather (not that extreme) but it is Christmas time and with such should be at least a snow flurry. I'm not asking for a blizzard or anything, I would just like to see snowflakes that I didn't make out of old faxes from the office.

You know what is weird? I am glancing around at all the other computers in this library and about 65% of them are on facebook! I laugh at how addicted this world is to facebook and myspace and what not...and then I laugh even harder because the other window that is open on my computer is in fact facebook. Yes world, I Whitney, am addicted to facebook.


Kayleigh said...

There are support groups you can join for your addiction.

And oops. I forgot that I haven't updated for a while, either. Haha. My bad.

Whitney Leigh said...

Its ok... I feel so wonderful now that I've had my Kayleighslifepartnine dose for the day.

As for support groups...I think I will embrace my addiction for awhile, really its the only thing that keeps me sane in the midst of all this "Finals" and whatnot.