Monday, May 25, 2009

My dirt bike. My one true love.

I am currently sitting at my desk with face wash bubbling down my face. I've been camping all weekend and now is the time to get clean. It's a little bitter sweet if you ask me. It feels so good to get clean after basically rolling around in the dirt for three straight days, but I like that. So it's sad to have to stop. One sec, I need to go rinse... Ok sorry about that.

Anyway, yes, I went camping for Memorial Day weekend with my family and friends. It is one of my most favorite things in the entire world. Just escaping the reality of the modern world for a couple days. I get to hide away in the mountains with the people who I love the most. I had to play the spoiled little girl card to get my dad to bring the bikes. I felt bad for about two seconds. But once I got on that bike I had no regrets. We didn't have that many great riding places, but we did what we could with what we had. My dad and I went for a ride today and found the most beautiful view you had ever seen. Absolutely breath-taking I tell you. As we were headed up the mountain on our dirt bikes I had a thought go through my head:

"There is nothing like the smell of the crisp, fresh mountain air and knowing that you are riding on something that is polluting it."

That is a Whitney Original. One for the quote book if you ask me. :) Watch all the environmentalists start attacking my blog. Sorry!!


Spencer said...

Mountain biking is amazing! Sounds like an adventure, too bad so few girls realize this amazing little hobby! haha

Whitney Leigh said...

haha actually i dirt bike. and yes, it is sad that few girls know about it. It's the best thing ever!!