Wednesday, May 26, 2010


it's funny how sitting at a desk for nine hours a day can completely EXHAUST you. i hardly move the entire day and still i feel like i need to go to bed at nine. all day long entering internet orders. ctrl+shift+f8 this and shift+f12 that. i've never used the f keys in my entire life and now that's all i do. but i do get to listen to music while i do it which is nice. speaking of music. one word.


last night was absolutely spectacular. i'm tempted to make so many puns about being gaga for gaga, but then i'm no better than the coco puffs bird who is hopped up one who knows what. but, AH-AH! i loved the entire thing. i even teared up there at the end. if you haven't seen it, download it, watch it on hulu, DO SOMETHING! it's inspiring i tell you. and i just downloaded the whole album. yay!!

Landon will be jealous.


Kayleigh said...

i love glee, but it hasn't converted me to lady gaga. at all.

although, their choreography for bad romance was pretty rad.

p.s. the word is "whitiz."

as in "whit iz my bff."

Whitney Leigh said...

oh good golly, that about made me pee.