Friday, May 14, 2010

leg waxing and pageants

Yesterday, i was skimming through my pictures on facebook and came across a masquerade i attended last october. i showed my new roommate (who was enjoying cottage cheese) and told her how much i loved that dress i was wearing. she satisfied me with her oohs and ahhs and i told her i had it in the closet. and with that i ran to the closet, stripped down and threw it on. we then spent the next two hours waxing her legs.
in the middle of the wax, my Landon came home. i ran over there after a few more strips and jumped on his bed in my giant dress just as he had fallen asleep. right when he opened his eyes a huge smile spread across his face when he saw what i was wearing. he gushed over my beauty and demanded that i wear the dress with him to dinner after his nap. and that i did. Landon took me to tucanos and he let me tell everyone that i was participating in the miss orem pageant and tonight was one of our final rehearsals. Landon held in a burst of laughter when each server told us one of their co-workers was in the same pageant. the entire night i was praying she wasn't there. luckily she wasn't, she was probably at the same rehearsal i was supposed to be at. it was a fantastic night, great food and the most handsome boy you could ever imagine held my hand the whole time. my life is awesome.


Jaron said...

love it love it love it!!!! beautiful dress!! beautiful girl!!!

Whitney Leigh said...

Oh Jaron, I love you. so much. :)

Brady and McCall said...

Whit You are one of a kind and I love it! I miss you girl we need to talk.