Thursday, May 20, 2010


so i've really only been an american idol fan twice in my life-right when it started and when david archuleta was competing. other than that? i don't really care much about it. but my roommate insisted we watch it on tuesday. and since Landon was in the shower i figured i didn't have much else to do. that is where i heard this performance. where chills erupted on my skin and tears brimmed in my eyes. the guy made a fan out of me.

on another, less inspiring and yet almost as awesome note, i got a job! yay! i know i've enjoyed my unemployment but it's time to start bringing in some money. or as Landon said when i told him the good news, "finally! it's about time you started pulling your weight in this relationship." love that kid. this was just after he found the brand new volcom hat i bought him and the crayon drawing of him and me holding hands with a heart in between us. pulling my weight my butt. :) and now he has a "whitney loves Landon" shrine in his room where he has taped up the poem i wrote him and the picture i drew. so now any remotely cute or sentimental thing i give him that is capable of being supported by scotch tape will now be on his wall. flattering.



Kayleigh said...

great post.

and that song is a favorite of mine. i forgot how much i enjoy simon and his english abruptness.

Brady and McCall said...

Where are you going to be working? I love that you drew him a picture with crayons, super cute of you.