Wednesday, May 5, 2010


so, i quit my job last week and i am still in the process of finding a new one. and by "in the process" i mean, i laid out in the sun for 4 hours, rip sticked for 1, and painted my nails.
unEmployment rocks. however, in my blissful nothingness, i was still missing my boy.
so what did i do to hide from the heat stroke? i watched 16 and pregnant on mtv. stupid disfunctional relationships and preggo teenage girls. is it really as bad as it looks? or do you think that maybe, mtv makes it a little more dramatic?

and then i tried to trick the people at sprint into giving me a new phone. i'll be honest. i flat out lied in so many ways, and i still left the store with the same phone. a waste of an hour and a half.

only 33 more minutes til Landon gets home.

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Kayleigh said...

all in all, a productive day, wouldn't you say?