Saturday, October 9, 2010


it was jj's birthday last night. we went to nightmare on 13th. i've loved this haunted house in the past, but i will be honest, i was not impressed with it this year. there must have been 20 actors in the entire thing! and let's be honest, no haunted house is complete without a clown room. even though i'm not particularly afraid of clowns, they just get all up in your bid-nass and are rude, but still.
we were sitting at VOP (my old apartment complex) with girls that i am not that fond of (immature and rather annoying) watching the 6th sense. Landon was sitting inbetween jj and me leaned forward eating his pizza and drinking his mt. dew. we [Landon, jj and me] couldn't hear the movie because everyone was talking so loud and yet we stared at the screen. jj monotone-ly said/sang, "poi-son" and i looked over and him and he looked at me and i sang with a little more melody,"you're poison running through my veins" and he started to move his body slightly to an imaginary beat, "you're Poi-sonnn!" and together, pointing at each smiling , "I can't break these cha-ins!! POI-SON!" jj and i were so delighted with each other and he asked trivially with hope, "double points if you know who sings it!" with a tone as if he asked me what 1+1 was i said, "alice cooper!" jj slapped Landon on the back and said, "dude, you hold onto this one!! she is a keeper!" this was the first time jj had vocally approved of our relationship.

i've got my old friend back.

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i. LOVE. this post.

yay times a million millions.