Thursday, November 18, 2010


sometimes you have those days when you back your car up into a piece of steel so hefty, you could drop it off the empire state building and no damage would come of it. and it sucks. and sometimes you get stuck in traffic in the middle of the night because of a crash up the road. and it sucks.

sometimes you don't get a text from someone you wanted. and it sucks. and sometimes you feel like all of the people you get advice and love and friendship from are all off in different countries and you're alone. and it sucks.

sometimes your feet are so cold, it causes pain to the rest of your body. and it sucks. and sometimes you just really, really feel like you need a hug to blind you from the pain you feel from your daily mistakes. and it sucks.

but every time, there is someone there for you. someone to drive you to the repair shop and sit in traffic with. or someone to complain about "how far away argentina is" with. or a good pair of socks. and when you're with those people, the sucking seems less...lonely. i guess it's true, that misery loves company. but could it possibly be that sometimes, the company makes it less miserable? i think so.

and sometimes, i feel like there should be little asians sleeping in my dresser. and frankly, that frightens me.

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Kayleigh said...

haha. asians.

great post. especially the "misery loves company" remark.

also. i'm here for you. no sometimes about it.