Sunday, November 21, 2010

amo a Landon

i like piano music. i could listen to it all day and night and i love it when my roommate nancy practices. i sit on my lovesac and revel at her amazing talent.
i also like Landon. i like going to church with him and letting him tickle my arm with a pen only to find the entire palm of my hand tattooed in green ink. i like how he is a good sport when his roommate points out his long hair to everyone in the ward during his talk. i like watching the office with him and i like...just being with him. correction: i love being with him. i love how he lets me use his printing credit at the school because i don't have enough money to buy my own. i love how he lets me use his truck because poor joanna is in the shop. i love how he buys me a lamp so i can read at night without disturbing my roommate. i love how he tells me everything he loves about me and i get all bashful. i love how bowling is the only thing he really gets upset at in front of me. i love how i love beating him in anything i can except for bowling. i love how he managed to convert me to being a byu fan when i really had no preference before.

i love Landon.


Kayleigh said...

i love landon too, because he converted you to being a byu fan.

and i think it's funny when you beat him in bowling. but don't tell him i said that.

word? inescalo.
as in a spanish way to tell you how upset i am with you (which i'm just sounds like an irritated spanish word).

Brady and McCall said...

I NEED to meet this Landon(love of your life)guy asap! He sounds perfect for you!!! Love you:)