Thursday, December 2, 2010

midnight rambles.

i just want to talk for a minute.

i read this hilarious paper from one of my classmates today about being a confused boy surrounded by menstruating women. i laughed out loud more than once and i ended it up reading it to my roommates. it's funny to see the guy's point of view. especially when he is from your creative writing class so he doesn't hold back by anymeans.

i have this awful cough. i had a cold too, but i'm pretty much cured from that, the dang cough won't stop though.

Landon. he is amazing. i love it when he gets sleepy and his words are slurred together and he has this sleepy smile that melts my heart. i like to tuck him in and watch him get all snuggly and say funny things he wouldn't say if he was 100% conscious.

i'm watching my roommates right now doing their homework. actually, doing shelise's homework. ness doesn't even have school, she just took upon herself the decorating of shelise's poster display while shelise writes a paper for her other class.

the new guy in glee is harry potter from a very potter musical. haven't heard of it? look it up on youtube and be sure you have some time, because the whole thing is a couple hours long. anyway, he rocks. i get excited every time i see him in glee.

annnnnnd. i love Landon.
annnnnnd. i know that you're reading this Landon, and laughing to yourself about how "cute" i am. and i want to resent you for that, but i can't. because you just end up making those puppy dog eyes and i can't refuse it.
damn you.

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