Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is this what working feels like?!

I've been a tutor only working eight hours a week since September, so I must have forgotten. I am in desperate need of money so today I helped out this floral shop with delivering their Mother's Day flowers. And then I had an interview at this scrap book place which ended up with me putting in an hour and a half of free labor. Shoulda seen that one coming. Then, I had to go buy Landon's ring-it's awesome- and now I am finally home. But since I'm trying to get skinny for the wedding, I still need to go work out for an hour and then I need to go tanning so I won't look like a ghost in my engagement photos I'm getting on Saturday.

I haven't even showered yet today....

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Kayleigh said...

i love you. i hope you know that.