Friday, January 9, 2009

Back to Blog-dom??

Yes, I have returned to my much neglected blog. Poor thing, it kind of reminds me of those starving African children who have AIDS and are sleeping in plastic bags and stuff. I watched a good half hour of a long info-mercial about it last night while I was tickling Wesli's back. Apparently I have magic fingers or something. I have always had the thought of massage therapy for a career in the back of my mind, but when I start to think about it again, I picture the glamorous parts like, working on a cruise ship giving attractive men shiatsus, but that only happens on t.v. I am quickly snapped back to reality and remember that I will most likely have to give massages old fat people with hair on their backs. I couldn't do it without gagging and I'm thinking that might offend. So, my husband will be the lucky winner of my magical massage fingers. Lucky guy.

Wednesday was the first day back to school for the Spring semester. I was happy to get back to school, but now I'm wishing it was summer. However, I am getting scuba certified, so maybe that will get me through the last of the winter months. I already know that my astronomy class is a trap though. It's in a planetarium so they turn out the lights, and the chairs-that are ridiculously comfy-lean all the way back. I'm waiting for my teacher to whip out the Enya and make it his mission for all of us to fall asleep. I almost made it today, but I crashed for the last 10 minutes.

As for my math class (yes, I failed math 1050 and am repeating it.) I think I have a chance of a good grade. They put me in the SLA class. That means the Service Learning Assessment. I think it should be the Special Learners Arrangement or something because that is what I and most of the people in that class are. The tutor of the study hour is hilarious and really kinda cute. Ha, I've never had a crush on a teacher before, is this the one?? nah. He tried to get us to play a prank on our teacher and we were all for it until she came in and we all backed out. I think it was because she was wearing a suit. It was kind of intimidating.

So, I'm at work right now, and there are security cameras in the pool, work out room, laundry room and such. There is this guy in the laundry room who is just sitting on the table, staring at the dryer and singing. I say props to him, for I often do the same thing, but I don't think he understands that our dryer takes FOREVER to dry stuff. Oh, he just pulled a shirt out. It looks somewhat too small for him...and now he is putting it back in the washer...? What the crap was the point of the dryer?! That was a waste of 75 cents. Sorry, I'm distracted. Slow days at work are sorta crappy. haha oh wait, now he is drumming on the shelf right next to the camera. Wow...close up on laundry man. Now he is sprawled across the table...taking a nap?? I bet he would be dying if he knew I was watching him.

Well, I think I have given my blog enough love for the day. Knowing me, it will last for about a week or so. Sorry Kayleigh, I know you want me to stay up to date with it, but I'm not like you. Love ya woman. :)


live, laugh, love said...

Whitney. You're hilarious. End of story. Love you!!

Kayleigh said...

Relly, Whitney? Relly? That's the word for today. I like how I'm sitting like, five feet from you while typing this. Funny.