Friday, January 16, 2009


You all know that I failed my math class last semester and have to re-take the class, and I am sure you all are chuckling to yourselves about the title, but let me tell you my friends, 7 in all reality does equal 16. According to the people in the hot tub the other night. Mmm-hmmm because the sign clearly says "Limit: 7 People" and yes, there were 16 people miraculously crammed into it. When I got in, I literally stepped on someone's back. Apparently he was trying to hot his breath underwater... and upon entering, I used his back for a step. Now I am one for breaking rules and limits, don't get me wrong, but honestly, that many people in that small hot tub was ridiculous. I stayed for about 10 minutes and that was all the chaos I could handle for one night. It was funny though, I do have to admit, I started to laugh when I was sitting in there surrounded by people I didn't even know and I was basically sitting on their laps in the hot tub. RrRrRr

Last night however, I went to the Provo Recreational Center for my first S.C.U.B.A. class. Let me just say that it is the bomb diggity. We had to do six laps around the pool with our fins and snorkles and what not, which is not hard at all. Then, we had to tread water for ten minutes in 10 feet of water, again, it was a walk in the park for me. I usually will tread water from 20-30 minutes...Not to brag or anything, I'm just saying, swimming is my deal. I think I had my mask on way too tight though. If I touch the bridge of my nose, there is an intense pain, almost as if I had been punched. I keep waiting for a big bruise to take over my face.

Before we got in the pool, the life guard came up to us and told us how she had to jump into the pool unexpectedly and she lost one of her most precious earrings. She said she knew that chances were small for finding it and it might even be gone already, but if we could just watch for it, she would be extremely grateful. So, while we were under the water practicing clearing our masks, I saw a glint on the floor. I fluttered my flippers on over to the curious sparkle, and to my great surprise, it was the life guard's much treasured piece of jewelry. It was quite heroic. But it is the least I could do for one of America's finest...Or Provo's at least.


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Way to go on finding the earring. :)

Sorry I didn't comment. I forgot to comment or didn't bother or something when I first read the post. I apologize deeply.

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