Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Run Up on the Low Down

Ok, so here's the thing, the whole blog idea still hasn't grown to be a part of my everyday life. Sure I think about it every now and then, but really, I don't have time to update my blog with all the time I spend on facebook.

So everything that has happened in the past month I will list off for you.
-I got a boyfriend
-I broke up with my boyfriend
-I went to a family reunion in St. George
-I went scuba diving in a crater
-I went skiing with my family
-I wrote a mean poem about my evil teacher
-I made a Valentine for the boys who live under me
-I ripped my acrylic nails off my left hand, but I still have all of them on my right.
-I have gone to school twice with out wearing shoes (today is one of the days)
-I have started using Crest White Strips
-I wrote a 4 page paper about a novel I didn't read
-I slept until 11:30 yesterday
-I gave myself a tatoo from the zebra gum
-I started watching a rated R movie from the 70's until we found out it was rated R then my roommate left the room and it was a little awkward so we turned it off
-My existential crisis has only worsened since my roommate Lindy moved in
-I've signed an annual contract for my apartment...thank you, thank you, I'll be here all year
-I've played Murderer in the Dark for a rough estimate of 12
+ hours
-I've seen the Joseph Smith movie twice
-I've eaten at the Pizza Factory twice
-I've gotten a pedicure
-I chatted it up with Senator Bob Bennett
-I sang a happy birthday song to a stranger and her party
-And last but not least, I've updated my blog...twice


Kayleigh said...

Look at you go. You've done a lot. Haha.

P.S. See if you can change the font to a lighter gray...that one's kind of hard to read. If you can't, I'll hack in and fix it for you.

Whitney Leigh said...

by all means. you're the blog expert not me. i'll just end up making it implode or something

Kayleigh said...

Update, woman! Oh, by the way...I can't hack into your account. You'll have to log in for me and I can fix the color of the font. I can't read it at all, basically.

Spencer said...

I really like the title of your blog!! Its great!