Monday, February 28, 2011


so the second attempt of my sonnet went well. or so i thought. i handed it out to everyone in our workshop group and my teacher says, "ok put all your workshop's poem in alphabetical order including your own. then take the poem in front of yours and check the number of lines, the rhyme scheme, and the iambic pentameter." so that we did. and if they were wrong, you had to hand it back to the person and they would have to redo it. well guess who got theirs back? bingo, i did. when in my defense everything was absolutely correct. the idiot just read it wrong so now i have to redo my dreaded sonnet yet again.
then, later in the day i go out to my car to find it booted. this-was my fault. i am boycotting the whole parking permit for uvu because its $100 bucks for one and that's just ridiculous!! so along with the boycotting, i have *ahem* failed to pay a few parking tickets. so today i got a final warning and a boot. so now i have to wait til five o'clock for them to take it off. i shouldn't be complaining too much because they are going to take it off for free. but that made me have to walk home from campus (not that far, but i was running late because i had to call the parking office to sort things out) to Landon's apartment to take his truck (it's sad really, how dependent on him i've become) and speed to work. i was hoping i would be able to grab some foodage because i haven't eaten in.... 29 hours. so now i have to endure the rest of work with a ravenous stomach. but here's the kicker. i looked at the time the boot was issued and it was literally and in all seriousness, three minutes before i got to my car. ugh. and i was even contemplating leaving class early so i could have more time for lunch.
it's times like these where i think, "well, at least i didn't look fat in my harvest pictures....oh wait."

on the bright side. i get to not only spend the evening with my one true love, but i get to do it at the jazz game in a box suite. where i hear there is unlimited food. which i am dying for right now. that will be a good way to end this failure of a day.

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Kayleigh said...

i literally laughed out loud at the harvest picture comment. and as soon as you said, "it's times like these..." i knew it was coming.

opposite of fail.