Wednesday, February 23, 2011


i don't like shakespeare in the first place. so why on earth would i want to write poetry like he does? sonnets suck. iambic pentameter in a sonnet sucks. no. iambic pentameter sucks period. i like free verse much better than ababcdcdefefgg. poetry is freeing. and that is my rant.

do you know what is freeing though? daydreaming. man, i like being able to control daydreams rather than the randomness of the night dream (not that i don't thoroughly enjoy those too). let's be honest. most of my daydreams are about Landon or me winning the nobel peace prize. but still. it's refreshing.

i love daydreaming.
and free verse.

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Kayleigh said...

haha. you and landon winning the nobel peace prize. i'm going to assume that knowing you by association will help me in life.

briagna: someone named briana from bologna.