Thursday, June 10, 2010

michael mclean is my bff

i saw michael mclean tonight. he is spectacular.
conference and firesides are great, i love the insight i receive from them
and what i learn in general,
but there is something so different about a spiritual musical experience.
music can reach something in my soul that words never will be able to.
he played for me what my spirit needed to feel tonight.
questions were answered tonight through sweet melodies.
thank you michael, you helped a lot of people tonight.

and on a seperate note, Landon is taking me to Backstreet Boys!! :) yay! i love him.


Kayleigh said...

aw. that was great.
i'm loving this posting every day stuff.

and backstreet boys. man. you've got a keeper.

Whitney Leigh said...

haha i know, for some reason i feel like i have stuff i want to say now.

and don't i? mmmi love him.