Wednesday, June 2, 2010


curious iraqis and
iraqis wearing helmets
cuddling with Landon for three minutes before going to work
using the bathroom
entering hundreds of internet orders and laughing at people's names
behr bom. carrie carree. toni doney. janae develbiss. stormy draney.
lunch with Landon at the purple turtle
tator tots
using the bathroom
thumb wars
brain freezes
being called blonde by a bitter asian
using the bathroom
mean girl is being nicer
free falling by john meyer

using the bathroom
freeze dried chicken dices: $31.87
using the bathroom
now i'm waiting for Landon to come home.

1 comment:

Kayleigh said...

man. you had to pee a lot.

and one day, those people are going to google their names, and find that you thought their names were done.

way. to. go. :)