Tuesday, June 29, 2010

today was good.

first day out on the lake today. i thought my base tan that was really quite nice would keep me from burning. nope. but it's a good burn. cleared the wake today. a couple times. lots of tubing. sun was hot, water was refreshing, company was good.
got back to orem, somewhat exhausted. boating really takes it out of ya, especially after being exposed to more sun that intended, and i was greeted with a date. three game of laser tag and another game of bowling. i love being with Landon. he makes me happier than anyone and to be honest, he is the only person on this earth who could keep me out doing stuff in the state i was in. and now it hurts to move. but it's great. today was good.

also, happy birthday Dani.


Kayleigh said...

yay dani! :) sounds like you had a blast.

Whitney Leigh said...

totally did. feelin it today though