Wednesday, June 9, 2010

to swizterland:

i feel like going to switzerland and kicking serious @$$. four of the three people who read my blog won't quite understand, but i know one does.

don't let it destroy you, i know it hurts, but you're still the one who has the upper hand on this. you're winning, i know it doesn't look like it from some perspectives, but you are.
damn switzerland.

and just remember, whether switzerland decides to take it's head out of it's buttless butt or not,
you've got it going on, with your P90X and your awesomess, you can walk on water, you can fly.

1 comment:

Kayleigh said...

i think this made me cry more than your other post. :)

thanks, bff.

the word is "suncest." when sunkist and incest are mixed with the same thing.

"it's like, incest!"
"uh, that's like, marrying your dad."
"you're thinking of a pedophile."